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Beyond the Village...Beyond the Game

In our 2nd installment of "You've Searched it...I'll Answer It" or as I like to call it, "Will is Bored at Work and Wants to Write about Baseball", I look at some more ways you guys (or girls @notetosarah) found the website.

"Phil Gosselin draft prospects"
First and foremost I want to say that Phil is my boy. Now, as for his draft prospects I would have to say they are pretty good. He is in the top 3 in ACC batting average this year and has played a solid infield and outfield. The only thing that could hurt Phil would be his size and his arm. Meaning, the big league teams would have a hard time putting him at a position that he fits perfectly. Even though he is one of the strongest guys on the team, the pro teams probably would not see him as a power hitting outfielder or a lightning fast middle infielder. I have told Phil multiple times that if he doesn't get drafted by the Nats then it's a no-go because I want free tickets. I don't think he's going to listen. I see Phil getting drafted in the top 5 or 7 rounds and leaving UVa (sadly).

"Shane Halley baseball draft"
As a high school senior, Shane was not drafted out Lake Braddock High School as some collegiate players were. As he is only a 2nd year this year, due to the draft rules, he cannot be drafted this year (unless he was already 21). This means that starting next year, Shane could be drafted by any team in any round and could leave UVa for the minor leagues. I don't see Shane getting drafted high enough next year to leave but I could see him getting drafted after his 4th year and signing with a team.

"streaking the lawn baseball blog"
Pretty self-explanatory. The most in-depth, non-sanctioned, baddest mama-jama UVa sports blog out there. Also, I should mention with top-knotch baseball coverage.

"tyler biddix"
This is my favorite part about writing for a blog. Tyler doesn't get a much press because like a lot of us walk-ons he hasn't gotten a whole lot of pt the past 3 years thanks to such deep teams. I don't know many of the 1st years but I would venture to say Bid is one of the smartest guys on the team (Neal Davis gives him a run for his money). Always on the Academic Honor Roll and Academic All-ACC he was selected by the IMPs last semester (shhh it's a secret). Finally, to complete my thoughts on Tyler I wanted to tell a story about Biddix. Last year as we were making our postseason run Tyler couldn't be there. Unfortunately the NCAA restricts how many players can travel with the team and how many people can be in the traveling party. Because of these rules, Tyler was unable to travel with the team to Omaha but flew to Nebraska on his own money(or his parents) and had to sit in the stands. I never once heard Biddix complain about it. Its that kindof leadership and selflessness that makes him a class act and important leader on this years team.

"uva baseball jerseys"
The boys six different jerseys that are made by Rawlings and given to the team. They have a white-pinstriped (blue Cavaliers in script across the front), an all white (blue Virginia in "Red Sox" lettering), a blue jersey (orange Cavaliers in script), an orange jersey (blue Virginia in script), a two-button navy blue dri-fit jersey (Orange Virginia in "Red Sox" lettering"), and a blue/orange BP jersey (I think Cavaliers in script). All the jerseys are matched with either all white pants with an orange and blue pipe down the sides or blue pinstriped pants. They also have 3 hats to go along with the jerseys. An all blue mesh, an blue top and orange bill wool, and a orange top and blue bill wool.

"virginia baseball acc rings"
They're huge, take a look at the picture yourself.....


On the top it has a blue V-Sabre with College World Series written around the top. On one side it has ACC Champions with the ACC logo and our number under it. On the other side has our last name at the top, the CWS logo under that, and our record last year under that.

"will danny grovatt get drafted?"
Yes. Since he was a freshman All-American to this year he has never let the Hoos down. He has been a strong outfield presence in RF and has an absolute hose to throw out runners trying to run on him. I think Danny will more than likely go in the top 10 rounds which would probably be early enough for him to sign and leave UVA. I am not an expert on the draft though so take that with a grain of salt.

"women streakers at baseball games"
I have never seen this but it is definitely a movement I could get behind. Only time I ever had a streaker at a game I was included in was last year's Arkansas game in Omaha. I remember praying that the guy was going to get leveled by one of the security guards running around but sadly it didn't happen.