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ACC Baseball Tournament Update

So, as I am sure most of you know, the Hoos struggled a bit on the mound and at the plate and ended up losing to FSU 4-11 yesterday. While most UVa fans are freaking out and probably think the season is over because the team lost, let me reassure you, it is FAR from over.

First lets go over the Hoos pool in the ACC tournament. All 4 teams in UVa's pool stand at 1-1 right now. UVA beat BC, BC beat Miami, Miami beat FSU, FSU beat UVA....if that doesn't make your head spin and hurt I envy you. I got a headache trying to predict the way the bracket could play out after the first day. After 2 days of pool play I have to be honest that I think only BC has a worse chance of playing in the ACC Championship Game on Sunday other than the Cavs, Miami has a good shot, and FSU I think has the best chance. None of the teams control their own destiny anymore. Here is how each team could make the Championship Game on Sunday:

BC: beat FSU today (Friday) and have Miami beat UVA Saturday.
UVA: beat Miami Saturday and have BC beat FSU today.
Miami: beat UVa Saturday and have FSU beat BC today.
FSU: beat BC today and have UVa beat Miami Saturday.

This means that if FSU beats BC today at 12 the Hoos are eliminated no matter what the outcome of the game is tomorrow.

Even if this does happen the season is far from over. Most athletes in the major conferences know that the conference tournament is important and great to win but for teams like UVa it isn't the end of the world if they don't win it. Granted, I know a lot of fans magically became UVa baseball fans last year after we went to the College World Series and probably think that if we don't win the conference tournament we cant do it again. WRONG. Carolina has made the College World Series the past 4 years. Know how many times they won the ACC tournament? ONCE (2007). Would it be great if BC could beat FSU today and the Hoos could beat Miami tomorrow? Sure but this ACC tournament will have little affect on the NCAA tournament. The Hoos will still likely be the #2 or #3 (#4 at the highest) national seed next week and will still host the regionals and super-regionals (should they win their region).

The ACC title is great but let us all remember what the goal of this team is: make it to Omaha and win the last game of the year.