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Lacrosse Tragedy Updates

Yeardley Love and George Huguely, courtesy UVa Media RelationsWe will try to keep you updated as more news surfaces on Yeardley Love's tragic death.  In an attempt to consolidate, we'll be making our updates in this post throughout the day, so check back regularly.  (Updated 5/6/10 2:16 p.m.)

Our original article covering these events are available here.

Update 5/4/10 12:02 p.m.:  George Huguely's defense lawyer, Francis Lawrence, read a prepared statement at this morning's hearing, in which he said that Yeardley Love's death was "not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome."  The Hook has an article which states in relevant part:

A Hook reporter has seen a court document which alleges that Huguely admits swinging the victim's neck and shaking it violently and pounding her head against a wall. Also in the court document was confirmation that Huguely and Love had a relationship which had ended.

I can't even begin to explain how sad I am to read about this.  The next court hearing is June 10.  Lawrence did not seek seek a bonded release for Huguely.

Update 5/4/10 12:32 p.m.:  Below isthe prepared statement that Lawrence fread on behalf of Huguely and his family:

Because this case involves an active ongoing investigation, any comment on the specific fats would be inappropriate at this time. Until more information becomes available, it is our hope that no conclusions will be drawn or judgments made about George or his case.

However, we are confident the Ms. Love's death was not intended, but an accident with a tragic outcome.

In the meantime, George is withdrawing from the University of Virginia and remains in the custody of authorities.

Grief has descended on this community as we attempt to understand what happened and why. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who grieve with this terrible loss.

Update 5/4/10 1:26 p.m.:  According to affidavits requesting the search warrant, Huguely admits to having shaken Love, with her head repeatedly hitting the wall.  According to the affidavits, Huguely also admits to having kicked through the door with his right foot.  The Daily Progress also writes:

Affidavits requesting search warrants described witnesses finding Love face down on her pillow in her bedroom. Her right eye was swollen shut, there was a pool of blood on the pillow, and her face was bruised, according to the affidavits.

Update 5/4/10 2:02 p.m.:  NBC has their hands on scanned copies of the affidavits in connection with three search warrants. There is some confusion as to what parts should be blacked out and what should not, so until that gets resolved, you'll have to do some googling to find the PDFs yourself.  In the meanwhile, I've included below the relevant paragraphs that provide a little more context as to what facts the police are alleging.  Click to zoom.

The first is from the search warrant for Love's apartment:


The second is from the search warrant for Huguely's body -- this would be used for DNA samples, etc.:


The third is from the search warrant for Huguely's apartment:


Please note that there is more from the second and third, but it only relates to the detective's credentials and explanations (i.e., along the lines of, We are requesting DNA samples because we know that DNA is an accurate way of determining whether someone was present, etc.).  Also please remember that these affidavits are the police's version of the facts, and may not necessarily be actual fact.

Updated 5/4/10 9:06 p.m.:  In a released statement by Athletics Director Craig Littlepage, both lacrosse teams will continue playing their post-seasons as planned. You can read our coverage, including the full release, right here.

Updated 5/5/10 12:14 p.m.:  This isn't so much a news update as it is a public service announcement.  Student Council at UVa is organizing a candlelight vigil in the Amphitheatre at 8:00 p.m. tonight, Wednesday.  In addition to music, speakers include University President John T. Casteen III, Student Council President Colin Hood, and Fourth-Year Class Trustees President Sarah Elaine Hart.  It is open to the public, and for those unable to attend in person, the Charlottesville Newsplex will be broadcasting live beginning 8:00 p.m.  Last night, a student living on the Lawn set up an impromptu vigil, at which each Lawn resident placed a candle outside their rooms.

Hood's prepared statement to the students is below:

Dear Students:

This is a difficult time for our community. The violent death of fourth-year student Yeardley Love has left her many friends, classmates, and teammates grief-stricken. Many of us are in shock as to how such an act could occur.

Yeardley's death comes at the end of a year marked by other student deaths and acts of violence within the community. At the University-wide memorial service last Friday, we remembered the lives of six of our fellow students who had passed away during this school year. Little did we know that we would experience another tragic loss so soon within our community.

Student Council feels it is important to come together during this sad time. As a means of uniting the entire community, we will be holding a candlelight vigil tomorrow evening, May 5, at 8 p.m. in the Amphitheatre. President John Casteen, Fourth-Year Class President Sarah Elaine Hart, and I will offer brief remarks, accompanied by musical tributes and the candlelight vigil. The program will last about an hour and is open to all.

Although I know this is a busy, stressful time for students just as we start exams, I hope you will come tomorrow evening for this opportunity to reach out to one another in comfort, support, and unity.

Colin Hood
Student Council President

Updated 5/5/10 5:47 p.m.: According to WBALTV 11 in Baltimore, funeral arrangements have been set for Love, whose body, it has been reported, was returned to the family earlier this afternoon.  According to WBALTV:

Visitations are scheduled for Friday at Ruck Funeral Home on York Road in Towson from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. The funeral will be held Saturday at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen at 5200 North Charles St. at 10 a.m.

Updated 5/6/10 2:16 p.m.: This update is just to inform you that two funds have been set up on behalf of Yeardley Love, and the family has asked that contributions be sent there.  More information here.