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Shabaz and Courtney claim NCAA Doubles Championship!

For Michael Shabaz, this weekend was more of the same, as he and partner Drew Courtney earned the 2010 NCAA Doubles Championship on Monday in Athens, Georgia. Shabaz is a repeat champion, having accomplished the same feat last year with then-partner Dominic Inglot (even against the same . This marks the fourth straight individual championship for the Virginia men's tennis program!

"I don't know if it has sunk in yet that I am a NCAA champion," said Courtney. "I played well and really just tried to enjoy myself on the court and to enjoy the moment. I am excited for not only the win, but for the future."

"The second one feels just as good," said Shabaz. "I am really excited for Drew to be able to win this one. It wasn't easy, but we were able to pull through in the end."

Shabaz put the match away in style, serving up an ace to win it all.

This has got to feel good not just for these two class acts, but also for the entire men's program, who had to have been feeling somewhat disappointed after beign ranked No. 1 all season, but losing to USC in the semis. I'm proud of these guys for fighting through the team's loss and pulling off an NCAA title.

I am not entirely sure how this plays into the Director's Cup standings, whether we get a full 100 points for the NCAA title or if it's less than that since it's not a team title, and I'm too lazy to look it up right now. But we will all find out together on Thursday when the updated standings are released, and you know I'll be posting the results up here on StreakingtheLawn, so stay tuned. These last three standings updates should be huge for Virginia.