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Charlottesville Super-Regional: Day 2

One win away from Omaha. This is the situation that every Division 1 baseball team begins the season hoping to be in come the 2nd weekend of June. The UVa baseball team is in that fortunate position.

There isn't much I can say about yesterday's game that everyone who was there or watched it on tv already doesn't know. The Hoos showed why they are one of the top teams in college baseball this season. No matter the situation this team will battle and try and find a way to win. Yesterday, the bats and fielding faltered a bit but Danny Hultzen and Kevin Arico rose to the challenge and held the Sooners to only 2 runs on the day.

If the Morey, Wilson, Kline, Arico, and Davis can combine for a similar pitching performance today I can't imagine the Hoos will lose the game. The Sooners will have Zach Neal on the mound to begin the inning and is being billed as their ace but actually has worse numbers than yesterday's starter, Michael Rocha. Neal is a Junior RHP with an 8-3 record and a 4.4 ERA. I will be honest that I don't know much about Neal but with him being right-handed it matches up well for the Hoos as it means they will have Keith Werman at 2nd, Phil Gosselin in LF, and John Barr at the DH spot. I think that is the best lineup that the Cavs can put into play.

Outlook: So, I was a bit off yesterday thinking that the boys would be able to score more runs that they did but I did say that Danny would get back on track and have a stellar performance so I give myself half credit. Today, I don't think I can predict much different than what I said yesterday. Robert Morey makes his living in the postseason as he proved last year and last weekend. I can't anticipate the bats struggling for very much longer and would hope that they can break out today and end any thoughts the Sooners might have of extending the series to tomorrow. My prediction: Hoos 7-Sooners 3