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Five Cavaliers leave Virginia Football Program

Attrition is striking the Virginia Football roster this spring, as five Cavaliers are leaving the program, with question marks on several more. Javaris Brown, Lamar Milstead, Tory Allen-Ford, Quintin Hunter and Javanti Sparrow won't be on the 2010 roster next season for various reason, head coach Mike London said on Friday.

Jeff White of reported in his most recent blog entry of the most recent losses to the program. Here's how they break down:

Javaris Brown (WR): Transferring. Out.

Lamar Milstead (OT): Withdrawn for "personal reasons."

Tory Allen-Ford (DE): Transferring. See ya.

Quintin Hunter (QB/WR): Hunter played in nine games as a true freshman, as wide receiver. He had also seen some practice time as quarterback. However, "Hunter has decided not to pursue a football career here," said London, who also called this a surprise. He continued, "But it had nothing to do with football, he said. It just had something to do with feeling he was playing football for the wrong reasons instead of playing it because he wanted to play it."

Javanti Sparrow (CB): Sparrow was involved in 23 plays, all on special teams, as a true freshman. He will not, however, be enrolled in 2010, but says that he hopes to re-enroll at UVa in 2011. Citing privacy laws, London did not elaborate.

But the news isn't all bad for the Cavaliers. Five Wahoos were not sure if they'd be returning to Virginia this fall (I believe all for academic reasons). Still, London allowed Trey Womack, Mike Parker, Keith Payne, Raynard Horne and Darnell Carter to practice this spring. Womack and Parker each did well academically and have been assured a spot on the roster. The other three are in summer school trying to get their acts together.

According to White, London is unsympathetic to players who say that the coaches are too hard on them.

"Too hard on you? What do you mean? You want to just go do your own thing, wake up, not go to school, not go to class and come over and go to practice? You think that you're entitled to things? You're not entitled to anything."

Sounds like London and Bennett are going to be good buds this year -- at least with each other, if not with the players.

Also in the good news category, Robert Randolph and Matt Snyder, former walk-ons, have been offered scholarships (apparently London has plenty to go around now). Randolph did a great job last year, making 17 of 19 field goal attempts last year.

"Guys are going to have to do it the way I want to get it done," London said.