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Richmond, USC game times and broadcasts announced

It's barely even June and I'm already sitting here thinking to myself, WHEN is football season? The Building of a Program series is certainly getting me hyped -- more on that another day -- but the ACC also released start times today. All eyes, or at least, all of Wahoo Nation's eyes, will be on Mike London this fall, and you can expect pretty much the same reaction with respect to him as we saw with Tony Bennett last season.

In the event of early losses, the mentality will be, "Give him time - this isn't his team, and he's only had a few months to work with these boys and whip them into his system's shape."

Get a few wins and it's, "ACC COACH OF THE YEAR OH EM GEE!"

Either way, I think Virginia Football fans have endured so much highs and lows, and then more lows, that most will be willing to offer London at least a couple seasons before really passing judgment.

A couple years ago, when the Virginia-Richmond game was announced, many thought it was a throw-away game. Another poor FCS school that will get trounced by the Hoos. All of this changed when we learned that London, formerly head honcho for the Spiders, would be coming back to the helm with the Cavaliers. Now, it's been announced as a 6:00 p.m. game, "televised" on (formerly ESPN360.

The UVa-USC game at Southern Cal will be on FSN at 10:30 p.m. eastern.