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Virginia Sits in Third in Director's Cup Standings

Poised for its best Director's Cup finish in program history, Virginia currently sits in third place, as announced today in the NACDA Director's Cup standings as of June 3, 2010. Stanford and Ohio State lead in first and second, respectively, while Duke and North Carolina follow in 4th and 5th, respectively.

Virginia has a total of 949.50 points, including 339 points so far this spring. Today's update includes points from the following Virginia sports:

Sport Virginia's Place Points Earned
W. Golf 13 63
W. Lacrosse 5 60
M. Lacrosse 3 83
W. Tennis 17 50
M. Tennis 3 83

Notice anything missing? That's right. The women's rowing national championship (100 points) have not yet been included in these figures. Unfortunately, as they were individual rather than team titles, no points were awarded for Michael Shabaz and Drew Courtney's NCAA Doubles title.

Other sports which scores have not yet been tallied include Softball, in which Virginia did not earn any points last year, but will earn a quick 25 points this year; Baseball, in which Virginia is poised to have an equal if not better performance as compared to last year; Men's and Women's Track & Field; and Men's Golf, who as of the time of this writing is in 13th thru 15-17 (only the top 8 move on to match play).

In short, we should be scoring in pretty much every event that's left. We won't catch up with Stanford -- no one ever does. And I'm too lazy right now to scout out Ohio St., but a long story short is that the 'Hoos have a very strong chance of finishing the Director's Cup in second this year.

Last year, we picked up 0 points in Softball, 78 in Baseball, 46.5 in Men's Golf, 80 in Women's Rowing, and 61 in Men's and Women's Track & Field. That's a total of 265.5 remaining points. We're already ahead of pace, with Softball, Women's Rowing, and seemingly Men's Golf posting more points than last year. I'm predicting at least a top 5 finish, but No. 1 in the ACC.

Virginia Tech wasn't even on page one of the standings (PDF).