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Men's and Women's Swimming Pull in Top 5 Recruiting Classes

The men's and women's swimming teams -- both of whom have "ACC Champions" banners flying proudly above their lanes -- won't be slowing down any time soon. Mark Bernardino, head coach of both squads, knows that, while the Cavaliers have plenty of NCAA-caliber swimmers, in order to contend for national championships, Virginia will need a steady stream of talent coming in. According to, he's done just that, as the men's recruiting class is ranked fifth in the nation, and the women's class is ranked third.

Both teams have the highest-ranked recruiting classes in the ACC. On the men's side, UNC (8) and Maryland (25) round out the top 25, while on the women's side, it's UNC (18) and Duke (21).

Last year, both the men's and women's team won the ACC title for the third consecutive season. The women have won it eight times, while the men have earned the hardware thirteen times (including eleven in the past twelve years). The women went on to finish 9th in the NCAAs, and the men finished 10th.

Read more about the men's recruiting class here, and the women's recruiting class here.