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Introducing STL's newest writer: Megan Moyer

StreakingtheLawn is an ever-growing endeavor, which is why we're excited to announce the newest addition to the STL staff: Megan Moyer! Megan's a 2004 graduate with an economics degree, and has since gone back to earn her MBA in sports marketing. It's this sports business background that allows Megan to bring to the table a unique perspective on Virginia sports, and you can expect to see her articles -- one coming later today -- take on this spin in analyzing Virginia Athletics.

Megan is originally from Michigan, and still roots for the Azure Blue and Maize. One bright cookie, she actually finished a semester early, in December 2003. Following college, she spent five years as a consultant in defense contracting before returning to her true passion in sports. While earning her MBA, she even spent time working for the Tampa Bay Lightning. That's hockey, for those of you who only follow UVa sports (I don't blame you).

Megan's favorite UVa sports memory is the unaccountably hot game against Penn State in December 2001 (rescheduled as a result of 9/11). Down early, 'Hoos came back to keep PSU out of a bowl game (growing up in Big Ten territory, that made her happy) and getting a nice win to end Groh's first season.

"I still miss the Schaub/McMullen years ('Oh thank heaven for 7 to 11' -- best sign I've ever seen in Scott Stadium)."

Her first UVa sports memory is a funny one (to me, at least). "I didn't grow up in VA, so UVA wasn't really on my radar, but I did happen to be at the 1995 game against Michigan, which UVA lead 17-0, only to lose on a last-play Michigan touchdown. I'd actually left the Big House by then, in disgust at Michigan's inability to beat Virginia (who?), and heard the game-winning touchdown on my walk home. If the two teams ever play again, I'll be rooting for the opposite outcome."

I assume that if you're reading this site, you've been to Scott Stadium and you've noticed (and most likely passed judgment because of) the banner that flies proudly atop the stadium. When you read Megan's columns, I encourage you to ask her about that game. But don't really. Because it's the one memory she refuses to talk about. That game was the first after she was admitted into UVa, and the Cavaliers lost by an abysmal 63-21 ("and it wasn't that close," she says!) to Illinois.

Join me in welcoming Megan to the staff, and I hope you enjoy reading her articles as much as I do!