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Former Wahoo D'Brickashaw Ferguson gets record-breaking contract

He was an All-ACC and All-American while at Virginia. He was drafted fourth overall in the 2006 NFL Draft. And today, he set the record for the most guaranteed money earned by an offensive lineman. It is being reported that D'Brickashaw Ferguson will receive a 6-year, $60 million contract, with $34.8 million of it guaranteed.

The guaranteed amount is more than the previous record, set by Jake Long at $30 million in his 5-year contract (Miami's No. 1 overall pick). Ferguson is now tied with Long for the highest average salary for an OL.

D'Brick's rookie contract had signed a 5-year, roughly $35 million contract. The new contract extends his employment with the Jets until 2017 (5 years, plus a 1-year option), for a total of a whopping $73.6 million over 8 years.

D'Brickashaw (Twitter: @DBrickashaw) is currently the highest paid Cavalier in the NFL. By contrast, Pro Bowler Heath Miller is under a $35.3 million contract (with a $12.5 million signing bonus) through 2014. Pro Bowler Matt Schaub is in a $48 million contract through 2013.