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Assistant Volleyball Coach Jill Kramer Leaves to Lead West Virginia

Former Volleyball Assistant Coach Jill Kramer has left Virginia and has been named the new head coach of West Virginia's volleyball program, it was announced yesterady. She had coached for two years at Virginia (2008-2009) and was instrumental in the great strides Cavalier Volleyball has taken in the past couple years.

While at Virginia, Kramer coordinated all recruiting efforts. In her very first year, she gave Virginia its first ever nationally-ranked recruiting class, ranked No. 15 by She followed that up in her second year with an equally impressive performance, bringing in a group that is ranked No. 9 nationally this year.

Kramer and WVU Athletics Director Oliver Luck had known each other from prior to this hire. How? While at Virginia, Kramer had recruited his daughter, Mary Ellen Luck, who ultimately chose to go to Stanford.

This is a great move for Kramer, who will have the chance to lead her own squad, and who reportedly has signed a five-year, $70,000 contract. She had made $50,000 while an assistant at UVa (though the value of living in Charlottesville is priceless).

We wish you the best of luck at your new home, coach!

You can read the official West Virginia University press release.