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Sylven Landesberg Gets Israeli Citizenship

Never a dull moment in following the budding career of former Virginia guard Sylven Landesberg. Landesberg, who just a few weeks ago signed a two-year contract with Israeli basketball team Maccabi Haifa, landed in Israel on Monday to begin his journey with the Super League team. Video interview after the jump.

Maccabi Haifa owner Jeffrey Rosen called it a "great achievement" when his team was able to sign the 20-year old Landesberg, who joins a roster with former Cal State Fullerton guard Frank Robinson and former Arizona State guard Derek Glasser.

In this interview, Landesberg, visibly excited to get started, is looking forward to the competitiveness of the league and hopes that every night, his team will have to play hard. Meanwhile, he just hopes the people of Isreal just welcomes him -- he's a new immigrant.

We wish him the very best and hope that, in two years, he comes back to the States with an NBA logo on his jersey. (Hat tip @DukeHoopBlog)