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Training Camp Practice: Day 2

Two full days of training camp practice have come and gone, and the Cavaliers are quickly getting into shape as they prepare for the Richmond Spiders on September 4. Based on reports online, it looks like Kris Burd is the big winner of the day, having gotten most of the looks over the past couple days, as he leads wide receivers in catches and yards.

Brad Gaskill, {scoonie712}, entering his third season as Assistant Footblal Equipment Manager, made a blog post today in which he notes:

Day 2: Another day another dollar and another day closer to kickoff against the Richmond Spiders. I saw some progress today which is good because everyday you look to get better. It's completely unnecessary to take steps backwards. Wide receiver Kris Burd has looked impressive both days with some spectacular grabs and some TDs. The defense really brought some intensity today and were getting hyped during the team periods. Shoulder pads go on tomorrow and we'll go full pads on Tuesday, so I'm really getting jacked for some heavy hitting over the next couple of days. Like I said, that's when the men show themselves above the boys.

Bad break of the day goes to me. I basically pulled the most unathletic move of my life at practice today. Went to grab a football, had to extend more than usual, caught the ball, began stumbling, and just absolutely ate field turf. It was pretty awesome as it went down in front of everyone there watching practice as it was an open practice today. If that ends up on the film, I'll for sure go down tomorrow.

We'll have more complete coverage as the practices go on, but I just thought it was worth it to forever commemorate Brad's mad skills, in case he chooses to take it off the blog later. Sorry buddy.