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2010 BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot: Week 2

Our ballot for week two looked a little different from other ballots. Notably, whereas North Carolina fell off the rankings altogether, we (I) actually sent them up the rankings -- 5 spots no less. I liked the Carolina team that I saw play against LSU last week, and I think that once they get settled into their truncated depth chart, they're going to get themselves back into the top 25. My ballot after the jump.

<!-- SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot -->

Normally there are these fancy green up and red down arrows that accompany the Delta column to show the change from last week. Unfortunately it was not loading properly on this site, so until that gets fixed, looks like you'll just have to deal with the plus and minus. Or you can view the pretty version here.

The big movers this week for my ballot are Virginia Tech, who fell 5 spots down to No. 13, UNC as we already mentioned, USC, who fell 6 spots to 18 and who will continue to fall after Virginia's upset victory tonight, and Pitt, who falls 4 spots to 19 after losing to Utah. I was more generous to keep Pitt ranked than the other bloggers out there -- it was an OT loss and while getting picked off in the first play of OT isn't exactly inspiring, it wasn't enough for me not to believe.

I'm not going to provide too much analysis of this this week, because, well, it's already Saturday and no one actually cares. The new poll comes out in a couple days and I'll give you more then.

I still believe in Boston College, despite taking them off my ballot this week.