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Cavaliers Treating VMI as a Must-Win Game

After a strong showing a week and a half ago against USC, the Virginia Cavaliers had a bye week, where they spent their practices focusing on improving on their execution. Coach Mike London and company are looking forward to playing a game after having the week off, but don't expect the Hoos to treat VMI like an automatic win.

"We have a storied program coming here in VMI," Coach London said on Wednesday.

When asked whether he was concerned that the team might not be focused on VMI, London was all but dismissive.

"I'm not worried about this team not taking this VMI seriously, because we haven't done anything yet," London said. "We're still trying to figure out who we are."

In terms of bowl eligibility, it doesn't matter if the Hoos win or lose this matchup on Saturday, as only one FCS victory can be counted towards eligibility. Still, London understands the implications of this game on an otherwise fragile program.

"Every game for us is a must-win game." London continued, "We're in the process of building an attitude where you expect winning to occur on a weekly basis."

Part of that process includes converting at third downs and, as witnessed against the Trojans two weekends ago, limiting penalties.

"Basically we're playing to trying to play at a certain standard that we expect. If we can keep trying to take care of those things, then we have a chance of winning games."