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Cavaliers win Exhibition in un-Cavalier Fashion

The Cavaliers had their annual exhibition against the Ontario Blue Jays last Friday as a showcase for the incoming first years. Although there is no box score available I can tell you the Cavaliers did not fail to impress. After reading a few comments from others who were at the game it sounds like the Hoos were a little rough at first before settling down and winning 23-3

Since I was not able to attend this past week I can't give my full diagnosis of how the game went but judging by the final score, the Blue Jays might have been a bit over matched. What I do know is that Rob Amaro and Proscia were quite impressive at the plate.  Both had home runs and didn't appear to be too affected by the new bats that are designed to inhibit the exit velocity of the ball off the bat. On the mound it sounds like the whole staff pitched fairly well and were able to get out of a few jams. At this point in time, the guys are still trying to learn the system and stay out of Coach Kuhn's stare. Skulina, Crockett, and Ashooh all appear to have promising futures in a Virginia uniform and this was a great jumping off point.

While this game is obviously a great win for the guys and shows that they still remember how to play baseball, I wouldnt(and never have) put too much stock in it. The Blue Jays are(If I remember correctly) a group of high school guys from Canada that travel the states playing exhibition games. Coach O'Connor would probably tell you himself that the game is virtually meaningless. It is however, a great time to see how the new first years react under the bright lights of Davenport against a team wearing a different jersey. While I am excited, (although not as excited as @notetosarah who just booked her ticket to Omaha) I am going to wait until at least the Orange and Blue World Series or the weekend in February when the Cavaliers take on Auburn at Plainsman Park before I call up Delta.