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UVa Rap Video - Cavalier Orange, UVa Blue

It wasn't until near the end of the song during warmups at the Richmond football game that I caught a few of the lyrics to this beat blasting over Scott Stadium. "Wait, did they just say Cavalier orange, UVA blue?" "Oh wait, did you hear that? 5-4-0, 4-3-4! This is totally a UVa rap song." It wasn't clear whether my ears were playing tricks on me (I tend to see little Vs everywhere I go, such as the down arrow button on the elevator), but following the VMI game this past weekend, it was all too clear. The Cavaliers now have a Virginia rap hit during warmups. Full VIDEO after the jump.

This video is of the first single off of Breez's CD. Definitely give it a listen -- it's an instant hit amongst UVa students and fans. Unclear, however, what the older alumni base's reaction might be.

If you want to support this local endeavor, Breez, who is from central Virginia, says that the album is available at Plan 9.