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Mike London on the Florida State Defense

Virginia Cavaliers head coach Mike London has spent much of this week looking at the Florida State defense, a defense that ranks No. 12 nationally in rushing defense, allowing only 87.25 yards per game and No. 1 nationally in sacks, averaging 4.75 sacks per game. London commented on their defense, after the jump.

"There are a lot of players that are very, very good players on the defense," London said. "I could just go on and on with the name of guys who are really standing out. I know that’s kind of the way that they expect the Florida State defense to play. We definitely have our work cut out for us in trying to not let the players wreck the game because all of them are capable of doing that on their own right."

London also commented that whether it’s their outside rush or their four-man rush, with big defensive end Brandon Jenkins on the line, Virginia will need to give constant attention and have constant awareness of the four up front.

"When you look at the defense as whole they all run very well, in space they tackle, they get off blocks well, they use their hands well."

In short, the Florida State defense does everything well.

Kickoff is scheduled for noon this Saturday at Scott Stadium.