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Hoos No. 2? The Virginia Backup Quarterback Situation

The crowd watched with great anticipation after Virginia head coach Mike London sent Ross Metheny in for the first time last week against VMI. Not too long after, London burned Michael Rocco's redshirt and sent him in as well. Prior to the game, London had said that, if the game was getting out of hand (in either direction, and thankfully it went the right direction), he would send the quarterbacks vying for the backup position, not just to get experience under their belts, but also to find out who was No. 2. At Wednesday's teleconference, London was asked if any decision has been made.

"It was good to see both of them manage the offense," London said of the performance his freshman quarterbacks this past weekend.

Metheny, a redshirt freshman, completed 4 of 5 attempts on Saturday, including one touchdown pass. He threw for 53 yards, with his longest going for 19 yards. Meanwhile, Rocco, a true freshman, completed 4 of 6 attempts, also with a touchdown pass. His longest went for 29 yards and amassed 64 passing yards on the day.

Still though, there is no word on who the No. 2 quarterback will be in the event starting senior Marc Verica goes down.

"Today's another day of evaluating them. They both had practices that were pretty efficient yesterday. Ross has done a nice job in continuing to improve. I think competition have made both of them step their game up."

When asked whether we might see London put in either of the two contenders into a game in the heat of the battle – as opposed to when the game has been won or lost – London suggested that did not appeal to him.

"What appeals to me is having the best guy in there under the circumstances that can win the game for us. And if it's Marc and his ability – because of his leadership, because of his playing – then so be it. [We're] not looking to put another guy in on a move the clock situation at the end of half or end of game situation to try to win the game, or coming out to give him experience at that particular moment. [We] just have to pick and choose the moments that you put him in. We'll stick with what we got until we're forced to do something different."

We could know who No. 2 is pretty soon though, depending on what happens over the next two days. Today is another padded practice day.

"We'll see probably by Thursday about which guy," London said. "We'll let that guy know which will be the next guy in the game based on their practice performance this week.