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Whatever happened to Billy Baron?

Billy Baron started this season looking like the next freshman phenom at the start of this season, scoring 19 points against William & Mary in the Cavaliers' season opener, followed by 14 against USC Upstate. In the first four games, Baron averaged 22.5 minutes per game, coming off the bench.

Since then, Baron's playing time has dwindled significantly, averaging under eight minutes a game since. Despite the strong start, Baron now averages just 3.4 points per game on the season.

I asked Virginia head coach Tony Bennett about Baron's development this afternoon. Bennett said that, with six guards and the team being on a five-guard rotation, Baron is "probably the odd man out."

Part of this, of course, is due to the return of Sammy Zeglinski, and his experience, following leg and hip surgery earlier this season. With four freshmen, Bennett said that he had no choice, as Baron has shown a little inconsistency this season.

"With Billy, he did give us a nice lift to start," Bennett said. "He works harder than anybody I've seen in terms of putting in the time, and he really does put in the extra reps.

Bennett said that he's told Baron that he just "needs to stay as patient as he can."