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UNC outlasts UVa with a Final Score of 62-56

John Paul Jones Arena was electrifying heading into halftime with the Cavaliers up seven on the Tar Heels while playing at Carolina's tempo. Virginia led by as many as 11 points with 14:25 to go in the second half, before going completely ice cold and allowing North Carolina to come back for the 62-56 win.

As I mentioned earlier, so goes Mustapha Farrakhan, so goes Virginia. The senior guard shot 33% from the field and 20% from the three, leaving the Cavaliers competitive, but ultimately without the win.

It became abundantly clear that senior forward Will Sherrill's leg was still causing him troubles, as he was hesitant all game to take the shot. With the ongoing injury, Mike Scott's absence, and a game dictated by Carolina's speed, the Cavaliers were just unable to hold on to their big lead, even

The numbers in this game leaves one confused at the final score. Virginia outshot North Carolina both from the field, 41.2% to 37% (21-51 for Virginia, 20-54 for North Carolina), and from behind the arc, 35.3% to 27.3% (6-17 for Virginia, 3-11 for North Carolina). The turnover scene wasn't terrible for Virginia, at 11, even though Carolina kept it to just 8.

But North Carolina shot 70.4% from the free throw, 19 of 27, whereas the Cavaliers had only 12 free throw attempts, making 8 of them (66.7%).

For a team that was predicted to lose by 8 with only a 20% chance of winning, Virginia played a great game, leading for most of the game and being within one with under a minute to go. Scoring only 19 points in the second half became Virginia's downfall -- the lackluster offense we've seen all season is starting to, and will continue to, hurt Virginia in ACC play.