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UVA Rejuvenates Homecomings Week

Schedule of events for UVA Homecomings Week
Schedule of events for UVA Homecomings Week

During my time at UVA thus far, Homecomings Week has been a mere blip on the radar for students.  I was aware that one Saturday was the Homecoming football game, and pregame tailgates may have seemed a bit more crowded as alumni returned, but events have been sparse beyond that.  Perhaps because we were getting beaten out by the Spirit Weeks and pep rallies at most small high schools, UPC and Student Council are bringing back a more traditional Homecomings week to students and the Charlottesville community.  

While the causes are mysterious, Homecomings has died out as a student event since 2006.  Before that, UPC sponsored pep rallies, concerts, cookouts, and other events; notably, Student Council reports that a pretty impressive 4,000 students attended a concert by Sister Hazel (who?) in Mad Bowl in 2003.  This year's events are part of a push to restore the prior student tradition.

The activities aren't exactly groundbreaking (check the schedule at the top), but its been nice to see a little extra orange and blue on the corner and some free food scheduled to be dispensed.  More details are available at the event's Facebook page.  Of course, the main event is this Saturday at Scott Stadium, where the Hoos take on visiting Georgia Tech at 3:30!