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UVA Students Rush the Field after Upset of Georgia Tech

You know what's a great feeling? Waking up this morning and remembering that your team -- the same team that needed overtime to defeat Idaho by one point -- just took down the previously undefeated No. 12 team in the country.  Yesterday's 24-21 win over Georgia Tech was one of the most brilliant games I've seen from Virginia in quite some time. It was the highest ranked opponent the Cavaliers have defeated since upsetting then-No. 4 Florida State, exactly six years ago (October 15, 2005), by a similar score of 26-21.

And it was done by shredding Georgia Tech's storied triple option, thanks to a bye week to prepare. Further evidence, I think, that the Yellow Jackets' triple option defense is more "unique" than it is "great," and a team with enough time to prepare can find a way to stop it.  Then again, had the score turned out any differently, I'm fairly certain I'd be typing words of praise right now.

Now, usually I think rushing the field should be limited to very, very limited instances.  An FCS team upsetting a top 10 team.  An unranked, middling team upsetting a top 5 team.  So by all of my standards, I don't think Wahoos should have rushed the field yesterday.

But then there are the subjective factors. Virginia fans have been itching for a real quality win for some time now. They've got years and years of pent up losing to shed, and, well, the students just deserve this. Here is a video from one of said field-rushers. There's a little bit of a lull as students wonder what to do now that they're on the field, but keep watching and you'll catch a glimpse of Cav Man crowd surfing, and some of the players coming through and celebrating as well.

A couple more videos follow the jump

Because you can never have too many videos reminding you of the glory of a quality win, here are a couple more. The first comes from the far side of the stadium:

And this one comes from the Hill: