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SB Nation Survey: Help the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia

And now for a complete different note, SB Nation needs your help! Those of you who have followed this site since before we joined SB Nation know that one of the goals, including shining the spotlight on Virginia's outstanding Olympic sports, is to be able to raise money and donate it to causes of local interest, either to the University, Charlottesville, or Virginia communities. Last year we made a contribution to Special Olympics (Virginia). Today you can help us out!

SB Nation would very much like to hear your opinions and feedback on the user experience on this site. We are always trying to improve user experiences, navigation and brand integrations and your feedback is valuable in this process. All responses will be kept confidential and the entire process will only take a few minutes. 

As extra incentive, if we are one of the top three SBN sites to participate, we'll donate $500 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia! This is defined as the number of surveys completed / number of members we have.

The survey is open until Friday at 5:00 pm (Eastern).

So please. Take a minute, fill out the survey, and let's get the Boys & Girls Clubs some money!

Survey Link:

(Note: If you hit the "Tweet" button below, make sure you change the mention to "@bgclubcva" -- typo!)