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Virginia 14 - FSU 13: Postgame Wrap

We apologize for the delay in getting this up, but we were all busy celebrating the biggest, most bizarre win we've ever experienced. The Hoos were outgained by 70 yards, only managed 2 scores, and yet beat the Seminoles at Doak Campbell for the first time ever.

And the second time. And the third time.

That's right, the Hoos won this game 3 times. At least, it seemed like it.

Here's some quick thoughts from the game.

Win #1: After Kevin Parks scored a 10 yard rushing TD with 76 seconds remaining, the Noles started the ensuing drive on their 41 yard line. They needed about 30 yards to get into K Dustin Hopkins' range.  On 4th down and 1 from the 50 with 38 seconds left, E.J. Manuel was sacked by Cam Johnson. Johnson, however, was called for a facemask penalty, saving the Noles.

Win #2: Given a second chance, the Noles ran a couple more plays, picking up 5 more yards and bringing the clock all the way down to 8 seconds. Then, on 3rd and 5, they ran a quick out to senior WR Bert Reed. Reed tried to get out of bounds, while hauling in the pass, but his knee hit in bounds. The clock would run out before the Noles could get the kicking team on the field. Or so we thought. The refs would review the play, however, and overturn the call on the field, calling the pass incomplete, saving the Noles.

Win #3: Given a third chance, the Noles brought Hopkins on the field to attempt a 48 yard FG. Whistles blew and the play was stopped. The Hoos were called for a weird penalty that I have never seen before. The game book says it was an offsides, but watching the game, it sounded like they were called for trying to trick the OL by calling out for the snap. I have seen this called, but never on a game winning FG attempt. In a stadium with 85 thousand people screaming, how did the refs hear that? Anyway, given 5 yards and an easier FG attempt, Hopkins missed to the left, and the Hoos escaped with the 1 point win.

We'll be back with more analysis later this week.