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Oregon Coach Dana Altman's Quote on Mike Scott's Unimpressiveness Clarified and Denied

Oregon head coach Dana Altman caused quite the stir Sunday night, when he was quoted as not being "that imipressed" with Virginia All-ACC power forward Mike Scott. Scott, who had 17 points and 13 rebounds that night, earned ACC Player of the Week honors for his performance in handing Oregon their first home loss of the season.

Here was the quote:

All-ACC? I wasn't that impressed. Our defense was poor and we didn't block out well. The way we played that stat line doesn't surprise me. Nice hair, though"

This is clearly not the type of material you normally hear out of a head coach, particularly one who has a pretty decent reputation as being an upstanding citizen. Since then, the quote has been taken off of the Oregon website, but here is a screenshot of the original.

Interestingly, the quote was used only by media who didn't make the trip out to Eugene to cover the game -- and post-game press conference -- live. As Oregon writer Chris Courtney (@eDuckCCourtney) points out on Twitter, no one in Eugene has those quotes in their post-game coverage.

Courtney also tweeted, "I was at Altman's post-game presser and still have the audio. Unless I blacked out completely, he said nothing like that."

As it turns out, the site was hacked and many of the quotes were either altered or added. In particular, the quote in question was not a legitimate one, according to Oregon Media Services.

Here's video of last night's press conference, and although it looks like it gets cut off at the start and finish, Altman makes no reference here to Scott's impressiveness (or lack thereof), or his hair.