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Virginia vs. Auburn: Live Chick-fil-A Bowl Coverage via Twitter @TheUVAFool

Good afternoon from downtown Georgia where it's over 60 degrees, sun is out, bbq is plentiful and the bourbon beverages are flowing! We'll be around the parking lots throughout the afternoon checking in on various tailgates and gauging both the Virginia and Auburn fan bases. If you're not here in Atlanta, can't get to a TV, and can't find a live internet stream of the game anywhere, why don't you try following us on Twitter?

We'll be tweeting live and unfiltered throughout the game, and will provide you with post-game coach and player interviews. Auburn continues to be a three point favorite today, but ESPN has said at least once that if you're looking to back an underdog, Virginia might not be too shabby a choice.

To keep you pumped between now and kickoff tonight, here are just few player quotes from throughout this week.

On taking a leap of faith and coming back for his senior year. CHASE MINNIFIELD: I got a lifetime of memories. You can't trade that for nothing in the world. Lifetime of memories of winning in Indiana, after the game, the locker room celebrations, Florida State, Miami. You can't trade those for nothing in the world. I think my decision was the right decision. I had a great time this year.

On his Bowl Week experience so far. MICHAEL ROCCO: My personal favorite thing that we got to do is probably just watch the linemen compete in the milkshake competition [Wednesday] night. It was fun to see them kind of enjoy that. Just been a great week to enjoy with your teammates. Kind of a celebration of what we've accomplished this season. Really focusing in on what we have in store on Saturday. We've been treated first class. It's been a great experience for me.

On Head Coach Mike London and his post-game talks and speeches.

KRIS BURD: I'm sure you can tell already, Coach London is a very electric guy. After wins, we get in the locker room and for better or worse we party. I've been around in the good. We went to the Gator Bowl the first year. I've been around for the bad years we've had. Wins aren't easy to come by, especially in a conference like the ACC. Coach London came in and rejuvenated things around here, got the community behind us again. For us to see how far we've came, we definitely party and celebrate in the locker room after the games. Coach London is passionate about his job and we're very passionate about him. With us being passionate as a group, it leads to a lot of wins.

STEVE GREER: Coach London's passion is evident in everything he does. You talk about football, the speeches he gives for that. Also other stuff, like the classroom, he's passionate and energized about everything. That translates how the players view everything we do, games, strength training. I think his passion helps us focus on what we need to do to be successful as players and young men.

COACH MIKE LONDON: You guys are excused from practice.