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December 6th Rotunda Roundup

Virginia's Chick-Fil-A Bowl bid has Mike London and his team excited and thankful for the great opportunity. Atlanta's SB Nation Page has a short preview of the matchup between the Hoos and the Tigers. One of the perks of this season's postseason run is an extra three weeks of practice time for the young team.

Men's basketball takes on George Mason tonight at JPJ. It's a tough out-of-conference test for the Hoos, even though the Patriots don't have quite the team they've fielded in past years.

Taking a page from their peers on the men's side, the Lady Hoos used defense to put together a road win over Richmond.

Katie Couric will be the commencement speaker for the Class of 2012's Graduation this May, along with Val Ackerman, founding member of the WNBA. Glad to see an exciting headliner after a few....less notable names have spoken in years past.