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Virginia Falls Apart Against Boston College, Final Score 63-44

Poor defense. Struggling offense. Serious disappointment. These are all potential story lines for Saturday afternoon's 63-44 loss to Boston College at home, but it wasn't all doom and gloom.

Junior big man Assane Sene, for example, shot 100% (4-4) from the field on a day when no one else seemed capable of finding the bottom of the net. Add to this 100% free throw shooting (2-2), and you've got Sene as the leading scorer for the Cavaliers, along with Mustapha Farrakhan's 10.

Freshman Joe Harris also had a career day, with 10 rebounds.

Unfortunately, those are pretty much the only highlights of the game, as the Cavaliers were simply outplayed on both ends of the court. It looked like no one in a white jersey even wanted to take a shot today, as Harris, Farrakhan, and Zeglinski all took an extra 1.5 seconds to think before even looking at the basket for the shot. The only person who was willing to take shots was Jontel Evans, who was given about 3 feet of space from any point on the court.

Evans went 1 for 8, with four personal fouls. Zeglinski also had an off-night, shooting 1 for 10 from the field.

At the end of the day, Virginia shot an abysmal 19% (4-21) from beyond the arc, the shot that's been keeping the Hoos in close games. This includes 4-14 in the first half and 0-7 in the second.

Meanwhile on the other end of the court, the Eagles shot 51.1% from the field, including a 26-4 run over two halves to take the lead and then blow it open. Over 85% of Boston College's points came from three players, as expected: Reggie Jackson (25), Corey Raji (17) and Joe Trapani (12).

Without having gone back to look at numbers, it looks like this is really the first game that the Cavaliers just did absolutely nothing in terms of defending and containing an opponent's key player, as Jackson just ran around with free reign.

" We talk about being aggressive," head coach Tony Bennett said. "We work really hard to get our people in the middle and up the sideline, we just want to really attack. But there were some times where there was some hesitancy, and times we just had to break it and get a score. But we weren't able to do that"


The Cavaliers stay at home this week to host N.C. State, another winnable game, depending on whether Virginia plays like they want it. Tip-off is scheduled for 7:00 for senior night.