Virginia Blows Second Seemingly Insurmountable Lead of the Week (Fulmer Cup Update)

The folks over at EDSBS has provided us with a Fulmer Cup standings update to reflect Auburn's recent arrests for armed burglary, robbery, and other bad things. For those of you who don't know what the Fulmer Cup is, it's the least coveted, though highly anticipated, award in college football, and it awards points to individual players for committing off-the-field offenses. In other words, the thuggest team wins.

Up until today, Virginia had a jump start in the standings after Mike Price, Ausar Walcott and Devin Wallace were arrested and suspended indefinitely for their actions while partying at JMU. But because of this new Auburn stint, here's what it looks like today.



Here's what Spencer had to say:

Auburn previously had three points, so the sum total for Auburn in the 2011 Fulmer Cup comes out as 80 points. This marks the second time this week UVA has blown a seemingly insurmountable lead, and sets a record for the Fulmer Cup in terms of team scoring for a single year, much less a single incident.

Too soon.

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