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Face-Off Classic, Halftime Update with Pictures - Virginia / Cornell Lacrosse

Here is your halftime update.

The Virginia offense is on the team bus and hopes to get here soon. The attackers have been...idle, at best. Were it not for Ghitelman's cat-like reflexes, Virginia would be completely out of this game. That said, Ghitelman started the day off a little sluggish but looks to be back on pace.

The Big Red is outshooting Virginia 25-17 right now, which breaks down as 10 and 15 in the first and second quarters respectively for Cornell, and just 9 and 8 for Virginia.

Simply put, Virginia is getting outplayed right now and are not giving themselves a chance to get in the game offensively. The time of possession, while I don't have that breakdown, undoubtedly favors Cornell, who have controlled the tempo of this game.

Here are some pictures from the game so far. We'll put up more later.