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Streaking the Lawn Presents Lawn March Mayhem Challenge

Alright folks, it's finally March and it's time for the 2011 NCAA Tournament! While Virginia curiously wasn't invited to crush this year's competition, it doesn't mean fans can't join in on the action. Streaking the Lawn is hosting a Lawn March Mayhem Challenge that all fans can participate in for free, with a $25.00 gift card on the line!  We're still finalizing where the gift card will come from, but we promise it will be well worth you while (and likely UVA-related).

Here are the simplified rules. Read them carefully, because if you don't comply, you can't win!

  1. Create an entry with ESPN by signing up here. Here's the group information:

    Group Name: Streaking the Lawn

    Password: rotunda

  2. Post a comment below stating your ESPN entry name (for example, my entry name is TheUVAFool -- someone else's is Buying Lars Beers, etc.). If you don't post your ESPN entry name below, we won't be able to track you down. Everyone should post, even if you think it's blatantly obvious who you are. If you're not an SB Nation member yet, you'll have to register (free) -- just make sure to use an email address we can contact you with if you win!
  3. The remainder of the rules (points, pick lock times, etc.) will be regulated by ESPN's Tournament Challenge.

The rules above are subject in their entirety to the official rules for this Contest.

Good luck, everyone! Here's SB Nation's official 2011 NCAA bracket for you to print, draw, doodle, and research with all day long.