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Rumors Quelled: Tony Bennett "happy at UVa"

Despite all the internet chatter coming from Utah fans that have made its way to ESPN and this site, it looks like Virginia head coach Tony Bennett is staying put at Virginia, TheSabre reported earlier today. Here's what UVa athletic director Craig Littlepage released in a statement:

"Tony and I spoke about these rumors [Tuesday] morning. … He stated to me he is extremely happy at UVa and has no interest in other jobs. He’s focused on making this the best program and all of his time and energy are put into UVa."

This, of course, comes as a bit of relief for Virginia fans. I say only "a bit" because, let's be honest, who was worried to begin with? As posted yesterday, I really could not find any rational explanation for why Bennett would make such a move -- downwards, in my opinion.

But rest easy, Wahoos. Tony Bennett's heart is in Charlottesville (come on, you knew we had to make that joke on this site at some point). And congratulations to all of us, for entering the realm of having a coveted coach.

Next stop: Sweet Sixteen.