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2011 NCAA Tournament Second (But Really First) Round: Thursday Open Thread

Welcome to March, folks! It may already be the 17th, but to us, the month is just beginning. Today, sixty-four teams not named Virginia Tech will compete in the biggest baddest sporting event in the world (yeah I said it, you crazy footballers) to be named WORLD CHAMPIONS. Wait. What's that? Oh. NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.

The Open Thread is up for you to discuss any of the following topics:

  • Morehead State over Louisville...odds greater than 33%?
  • Today will be the day most filled with upsets. Discuss.
  • Virginia's chances of making the tournament next year?
  • How many brackets did you make and submit this year? Over/Under for America is, I'd say, 3.5.
  • Is it possible that the racially-ambivalent Cav Man is part Irish?

Here is your schedule for today:

12:15 PM: (12) Clemson vs. (5) West Virginia, CBS
12:40 PM: (9) Old Dominion vs. (8) Butler, truTV
1:40 PM: (13) Morehead State vs. (4) Louisville, TBS
2:10 PM: (10) Penn State vs. (7) Temple, TNT
2:45 PM: (13) Princeton vs. (4) Kentucky, CBS
3:10 PM: (16) North Carolina-Asheville vs. (1) Pittsburgh, truTV
4:10 PM: (12) Richmond vs. (5) Vanderbilt, TBS
4:40 PM: (15) Northern Colorado vs. (2) San Diego State, TNT
6:50 PM: (15) UC Santa Barbara vs. (2) Florida, TBS
7:15 PM: (14) Wofford vs. (3) Brigham Young, CBS
7:20 PM: (14) Bucknell vs. (3) Connecticut, TNT
7:27 PM: (13) Belmont vs. (4) Wisconsin, truTV
9:20 PM: (10) Michigan State vs. (7) UCLA, TBS
9:45 PM: (11) Gonzaga vs. (6) St. John's, CBS
9:50 PM: (11) Missouri vs. (6) Cincinnati, TNT
9:57 PM: (12) Utah State vs. (5) Kansas State, truTV