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2011 NCAA Tournament Second (First) Round: Friday Open Thread

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Second verse, same as the first. Except this time, I hope not to miss every single one of my final-session picks. Phew. Last night was brutal. I hope yours was too, just to make me feel better.

Here are today's thoughts:

  • Marquette vs. Xavier is my No-Effing-Idea game of the day. I have no idea who will come out on top of this one.
  • Washington had to travel over 2,000 miles to play today's game. Georgia had to drive just a couple hours. Is that enough of an advantage for the Dawgs to advance?
  • Three of the first four games yesterday were decided by two points or fewer. Any chance today's games will be as exciting?

And here's your agenda for the day:

Region Host Game Date Time EDT Net
West Tulsa Texas vs. Oakland Mar 18 12:15 PM CBS
West Charlotte Michigan vs. Tennessee Mar 18 12:40 PM TRU
Southwest Chicago Notre Dame vs. Akron Mar 18 1:40 PM TBS
East Cleveland George Mason vs. Villanova Mar 18 2:10 PM TNT
West Tulsa Arizona vs. Memphis Mar 18 2:45 PM CBS
West Charlotte Duke vs. Hampton Mar 18 3:10 PM TRU
Southwest Chicago Texas A&M vs. Florida State Mar 18 4:10 PM TBS
East Cleveland Ohio State vs. UTSA Mar 18 4:40 PM TNT
Southwest Tulsa Kansas vs. Boston U. Mar 18 6:50 PM TBS
East Charlotte North Carolina vs. Long Island Mar 18 7:15 PM CBS
Southwest Chicago Purdue vs. St. Peter's Mar 18 7:20 PM TNT
East Cleveland Xavier vs. Marquette Mar 18 7:27 PM TRU
Southwest Tulsa UNLV vs. Illinois Mar 18 9:20 PM TBS
East Charlotte Washington vs. Georgia Mar 18 9:45 PM CBS
Southwest Chicago Georgetown vs. VCU Mar 18 9:50 PM TNT
East Cleveland Syracuse vs. Indiana State Mar 18 9:57 PM TRU