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Streaking the Lawn's March Mayhem Standings

If you look at the standings, you might ask yourself, "Wow, has that Streaking the Lawn guy ever watched a game of college basketball in his life?" The answer, shockingly, is yes. Fine -- I bought into the Syracuse and Hansbrough hype, and Mizzou to the Elite Eight was...aggressive on my part. But come on, give me a little credit. Temple took SDSU into overtime. Had ODU beaten Butler in the first round like I still believe they should have, it could be ODU in the Elite Eight rather than Butler, especially since ESPN was paid by Utah State and Belmont to convince the country (well, me) that both of those teams were prime for first-round upsets.

I digress. Beyondbibbstore (@johnschick) is in the lead, and has three of his Final Four picks still alive (no one has four left). Given the rest of the field, I think he stands a good chance of winning this all. UConn should be able to breeze past Arizona (I will be rooting for 'Zona, if that is any indication as to how that game will shape up). With Kansas being the only single-digit seed left in the Southwest bracket, they also are looking good to make it to the Final Four. Ohio State at this point probably has the most difficult route, given they may have to face a streaking Carolina team.

Right behind Beyondbibbstore is @WahooJeep, whose bracket is similr to Beyondbibbstore. If Carolina wins tonight, WahooJeep takes over first place for this round. Both entries have Kansas winning it all, and Ohio State in the Final Four. WahooJeep is also able to get points for a Florida win in the next round. Whereas Beyondbibbstore can't get any more points out of the Southeastregion, WahooJeep is done in the West region. Between these two, it all comes down to the East region.

Former Cavalier Jerome Meyinsse is still clinging on, in a five-way tie for fifth place. He has Ohio State and Kansas in the Final Four as well, but has Duke winning it all over Kansas. So, not looking good for him. He'll still finish higher than me, but that's not much of a feat, at this point.

With a slew of unexciting picks, Will is lost somewhere in the middle of the pack. He has Florida in the Championship game, which could give him the boost he needs to get up near the top, but I still stand by my statement that they are, in fact, terrible.

Good luck to those of you who are still "in it". I have officially checked out.