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2011 Sweet Sixteen Day 2: Open Game Thread

Here's the last NCAA Tournament Game Day thread we'll put up for this year's tournament (partly because no one actually posts in this thing, partly because the "Madness" is largely over).

Yesterday was full of delightful upsets -- by which I mean, specifically, No. 1 Duke going down in convincing fashion. I, for one, will be rooting for Arizona to go pretty far into the rest of this tournament. What will tonight bring?

  • At the end of the evening, we very well could have a Richmond vs. VCU Elite Eight matchup, and a team from Richmond, VA could be guaranteed a spot in the Final Four! It's unlikely, given that Richmond has to get past Kansas, but crazier things have happened...
  • A Kentucky upset over Ohio State would be great, if for no other reason, than to possibly see a battle of blue bloods in the next round with North Carolina and Kentucky.
  • Will the ACC hold strong tonight, or fizzle out completely? These are the last two teams left, and both would love the opportunity to say, "Yes, Duke -- we made it further than you."
  • From a Director's Cup perspective, Virginia would like for North Carolina to bow out as quickly as possible, as the Tar Heels usually find their way near the top of the standings at the end of the year. I know. You're ALL thinking about Director's Cup implications.
7:15 PM (11) Marquette vs. (2) North Carolina CBS
7:27 PM (12) Richmond vs. (1) Kansas TBS
9:45 PM (4) Kentucky vs. (1) Ohio State CBS
9:57 PM (11) Virginia Commonwealth vs. (10) Florida State TBS