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Will Roberts Makes Waves Nationally

The boys celebrate yesterday after the final out in Will Roberts Perfect Game. Courtesy of @mrg7175
The boys celebrate yesterday after the final out in Will Roberts Perfect Game. Courtesy of @mrg7175

I love it when college baseball gets national attention on any site I visit or show I watch. I love it even more when that college baseball story has to do with the Cavaliers. Thanks to Will Roberts' perfect game yesterday I didn't get much work done today as I was reading and watching anything I could get my hands on. 

I wanted to compile a list of all the stuffs I found for everyone and put them in one place so we can revel in the greatness that was Will's perfect game yesterday. That list comes after the jump......

If you are reading this I would imagine you are a Cavalier fan to begin with and you already know about the "Official" UVa website that is run by the athletic department. Well, given their access to the players and ALL of the game because they live in Charlottesville they have a lot of stuff. Baseball's Sports Information Director (SID), Andy Fledderjohn, does as good a job as anyone in the country and I would consider him the second best UVa baseball writer. Second to only yours truly of course! Anyways, here is the write up from yesterday's gamean interview Virginia Athletics Jeff White did with Roberts, and highlights from the game.

I am sure many of you have heard of the GW write up from the game yesterday. Many have had a problem with how GW's SID handled the game and the credit he gave to Roberts. Personally, A) I feel bad for him for having to write up something given the situation and B) I have no problem with how he handled it. Anyways, here is the GW write up. The Washington Post's Dan Steinberg was one of the pundits who had a problem with the way it was handled. Here is his commentary on the write up.

When it comes to national coverage for college baseball there are two main websites everyone knows about: Baseball America and Perfect Game USA. Both had some love for Will today: Baseball America and Perfect Game USA.

Even Major League Baseball got into recognizing Will for his major accomplishment. They put Will as one of their top headlines on their FRONT PAGE and had a story for their website as well.  

Last, but I would say MOST important would be the coverage that ESPN and Sportscenter gave to the game. I am sure most of you know that they made Roberts their #1 in their Sportscenter Top Ten plays from Tuesday and included him on the bottom line ticker! Unfortunately, I couldn't find the actual Top Ten on youtube or the ESPN website but they did have a story on the game. Even though it is short, anytime UVa baseball gets national coverage on  Sportscenter its a good thing for the school and the program. As a side tidbit, this is the third time (that I can remember) in the last 4 years that we have had a play make the Top Ten highlights (Dave Coleman ACC Tourney '08, Cannon and Parker in Irvine '09, Will Roberts '11).

Of course there was loads of other coverage and I loved every bit of it. Hopefully this will help some as they try and swim through the ocean of UVa Baseball awesomeness. GO HOOS!