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Tony Bennett explains Mustapha Farrakhan's Euro Step

Here's a little something for your entertainment that Whitey Reid of the Daily Progress just shared -- it's a clip of him speaking with coach Tony Bennett about the "Euro step." The game he's referring to is the season closer against Maryland, when, with just over two minutes to go and the lead dwindling to 5, Mustapha Farrakhan did a little 1-2 to break the press and drive into the lane.

Terps fans wanted a travel call, but would get none. Farrakhan stepped left and faked a pass to Sene. Maryland defender Jordan Williams committed to defending the pass, when Farrakhan Euro-stepped to the right and had the easy layup with his right hand (Farrakhan's a lefty). Williams tried to step back in, but was called for the foul, giving Farrakhan the and-1. It sparked a 9-point run by the Cavaliers to seal the deal.

Here, Bennett explains and demonstrates the Euro step.