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Snoop Dogg is a Wahoo, if only for a day

Snoop Dogg (yes, THE Snoop Dogg) is currently on tour, promoting his newest album, the Doggumentary. The tour schedule is absurd -- he's basically in a different city every day, except for those days where he's traveling internationally. Yesterday, the pop icon found himself in Charlottesville, performing at the Jefferson Theater.


Here he is with former UVa football players Chris Cook (Minnesota Vikings), Clint Sintim (New York Giants) and Chris Long (St. Louis Rams) (possibly photo-bombing the shot?). He's traveling in Richmond today, but after the jump, check out a couple more pictures.

All pictures courtesy of

with his father and Chris Long


with Clint Sintim


Signing autographs -- with a Snoop Dogg UVA jersey


Hanging out in the green room rockin' the wahoowa