Teammates Vote to Suspend Shamel and Rhamel Bratton


The Washington Post is reporting that both Shamel and Rhamel Bratton have been suspended by their own teammates. According to the Washington Post, sources close to the situation say that their teammates have voted to suspend Shamel for the rest of the season, and to suspend Rhamel indefinitely. Shamel has already been suspended twice this season, while Rhamel was suspended once. According to the source, both brothers had been suspended during the Stony Brook game for a violation of the team's very strict alcohol policies. From the above-linked article: "According to individuals with knowledge of the situation, the Brattons made it well known they never intended to follow the alcohol policy and that they tried to get other players to vote to change the policy, but were unsuccessful. The same sources also said the Brattons traveled to Stony Brook — which is about a 40-minute drive from their home town of Huntington Station, N.Y. — with their gear and offered to play despite their suspensions. After the Brattons’ older brother learned they would be held out of the game, he confronted Starsia, sources said." No official statement has been released by the University. We will keep you updated as it comes out, which is expected to be some time today.