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May 25th Rotunda Roundup

Sad day today, as the men's tennis team fell just short of the NCAA title.  Not much more to be said.  Those who watched on ESPNU probably noticed a strong contingent wearing blue and orange, a pattern that has existed all year.  They will try again in 2012, when the team expects to be strong again - incoming will be one of the top-ranked recruits in the country.  

For the rest of this week, attention shifts towards baseball, where the ACC Tournament began today.  The Daily Progress has a schedule and team-by-team breakdown.  Greensboro's Eddie Wooten opines that despite a great weekend of baseball, the ACC tournament is not much more than a glorified exhibition - my opinion on the matter depends on the Hoos' success.

For those who can't wait until fall, Commissioner John Swofford talks a little about the future of ACC football and basketball.