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May 27th Rotunda Roundup

Welcome aboard, Justin Anderson!  Clearly, the best place to hear about the news is here at Streaking the Lawn, or you can read more from "Teel Time" at the Daily Press. ESPN said the 6'5" small forward has "off the charts athletic ability" for a reason (check out this video).  While it will be 18 months before Anderson plays his first game in orange and blue, he (and his impressive recruiting class) have already made waves in the recruiting world.

More immediately, the Hoos take on Denver tomorrow in the NCAA lacrosse semifinals.  The Baltimore Sun talks about Virginia's defensive philosophy and Denver's preparation for it.  College Crosse has an in-depth preview with what to watch for from both teams.  They also have a warning not to take Denver lightly, suggesting they are becoming a future power...let's hope the Hoos slow that process down tomorrow!

In the ACC baseball tournament, UVA takes on Miami next.  It's a huge game - a win makes advancing from pool play likely; with a loss, doing so would require lots of help.  To prepare, a good starting point would be looking back at the series in C-Ville just a few weeks ago.