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The Inaugural Rotunda Roundup

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the first edition of the Rotunda Roundup.  For quick-hit links to the latest in UVA Sports news, analysis, and commentary around the web, look out for this feature daily (semi-daily when the brief off-season comes around).  Thanks to Brian for bringing me on board; I'm excited to be part of Streaking the Lawn!

This week marked the 1-year anniversary of Yeardley Love's tragic death.  ESPN has a tribute discussing the ramifications of the killing a year later.

Norm Wood of the Daily Press discusses the future of graduating UVA long snapper Danny Aiken.  His hopes of being drafted didn't come to fruition, but he is working hard to break into the league this year.

Brian O'Connor chimes in on the challenges of the long exam break for the baseball team with Marc Davis at Newsplex.  There's also a piece in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on the relationship between Danny Hultzen and fellow pitcher Scott Silverstein.  

UVA had its annual sports banquet last night at JPJ.  Whitey 365 summarizes it and has a list of award winners. 

Thanks for reading everyone - going forward, expect more like this, and also links to stories on opponents and the rest of the ACC, as well as some general UVA happenings.