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June 10th Rotunda Roundup

Congrats to Robby Andrews, who won the 800 meter track and field NCAA title!  Read about it in Whitey's blog - he also includes a must-see video of the amazing race.  The Daily Progress summarizes it and has some quotes from the champ himself.

At 4 PM today Will Roberts goes to the mound, as the Hoos take on UC-Irvine with a trip to Omaha on the line.

To start the positive thinking, let's recall Will Roberts's perfect game.  Oops, I just realized much of the news today mentions yesterday's matchup... fortunately, the Rotunda Roundup is heavily biased, so that will not be included today.  Instead, check out this Washington Post piece - despite the pressure on them, don't expect the Hoos to be intimidated this afternoon.

In Will Roberts we trust.