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Super Regional Game Three Preview

After two hard fought games, the Cavaliers find themselves one win away from the College World Series and one loss away from another disappointing Super Regional loss. As Brent Musberger would say: "This one is for all the Tostitos."

In game one, the 'Hoos executed their gameplan to perfection. Danny Hultzen and Cody Winiarski combined to throw a four hit shutout while striking out five. Seven players in the UVa lineup had hits including Jared King whose three run home run in the sixth inning slammed the door shut on the Anteaters. Chris Taylor, Kenny Swab, and Steven Proscia added on to King's home run by having multi-hit games of their own to help cement the victory for the 'Hoos.

In Sunday's game two, UVa was a victim of the weather. If there had not been a four hour delay due to torrential downpours only the likes of which Noah had seen, I believe this article would have a much more upbeat tone to it and many would be booking their trip to Omaha. Tyler Wilsonwas holding Irvine at bay and seemed to be on top of his game. After the rain delay all hell broke loose. Wilson gave up a home run that I think might have hit Klockner, Justin Thompson was having trouble locating his fastballs and sliders, Kenny Swab was losing the ball in the grass, and Branden Kline hung a two strike slider that Irvine's Jordan Leyland was able to put in the gap for a 2 RBI double and give the Anteaters the lead for good.  

The good thing about college baseball is that you're never eliminated from the NCAA tournament until you've lost twice in a weekend. Even though some Cavalier fans are acting like the sky is falling, there is a third game to be played and UVa is still the favorite. Will Roberts will get the ball and should be the impressive starter we have seen all year. UC-Irvine has not announced who their starter will be (as far as I can tell), but I would expect more of the same type of pitching they have put on the mound all weekend.  

The game is scheduled for 4 P.M this afternoon and will be broadcast live on ESPN2. Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide running commentary as I have a volunteer opportunity that I have committed to. If you are in Charlottesville, go to the game. It is sold out but try your best to get in. This team certainly doesn't lack confidence but every type of homefield advantage helps. Cheer loud, hope it doesn't rain, and prepare for Omaha! Go Hoos!