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2011 ACC Football Kickoff: Kris Burd is ready for a bowl game

The 2011 ACC Media Days is continuing, and there's coverage everywhere. We're still waiting for the ACC to send out transcripts from yesterday's player interviews, but in the meantime, we know you're all aching for some information. Let's first start with bowl games. You know it's been three years since Virginia's last bowl game appearance (the January 1, 2008 Gator Bowl)? This means that for Virginia's fourth year seniors, they've never had the thrill of a postseason appearance (and related swag bags).

For fifth-year senior WR Kris Burd, this is unacceptable.

"[I told the players,] 'we're going a bowl game,'" Burd told the ACC media yesterday. "Get that in your head. Do what you gotta do. This is my last year, and if you're not on board, we're going to leave you behind."

With 799 receiving yards, Burd put together 58 receptions last season and was named the winner of the Touchdown Club of Richmond's Offensive End of the year award, all while struggling with an ankle injury. Now that he's back to feeling healthy, he's ready to kick it into high gear and right this ship.

Burd also talked about some of the changes second-year head coach Mike London brought to the table when he joined Virginia, including energy and, perhaps more importantly, UVA's fan base back.