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August 10th Rotunda Roundup

This year's training camp has been cleaner and more fundamentally sound than last year's

Cam Johnson was included on the preseason watch-list for the 2011 Ted Hendricks Award, which goes to the nation's top defensive end.  Additionally, the ACC announced that former Hoo Chris Slade was part of its group of 2011 ACC Championship Game Legends.

In basketball, Run the Floor picks the Hoos to finish 4th in the ACC and previews what to watch for this season.  Governor McDonnell has pushed for a holiday Virginia-only basketball tournament for a while, and it was finally announced this morning that UVA will take on the Old Dominion Monarchs in December 2012 in Richmond.

Second-year student Amanda Ray appeared on Jeopardy Friday (an episode actually re-aired from the fall).

Her Final Jeopardy question:  "It says, 'The history of the present king of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations'"  While she didn't win, Amanda thankfully answered this Jefferson-centric question correctly.  (Leaving out the answer, so as not to offend any trivia-buffs - feel free to answer in the comments, no prizes awarded).