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August 12th Rotunda Roundup

The National Football Post lauds London's 2012 recruiting class (check out the embedded video of new commit Greyson Lambert). MaxPreps profiles defensive end commit Michael Moore.

Former Hoo Vic Hall was named the AFL defensive player of the year  (Hat tip to @AlexCFriedman) - though this is actually a step back from when he was UVA's best defensive AND offensive player...

"" previewed all 12 teams in its "12 days of football" series; this is a link to Virginia's, and you can navigate to the other teams' from there.

Whitey 365 doesn't believe ESPN devoted enough time to Dom Starsia's story during the ESPY Awards.

Camp Kesem is a student run program at UVA to provide a positive experience for children whose parents have or had cancer - a great experience for campers and students alike.